Wondering, what is Channel Manager for Hospitality?

user/ September 4, 2017/ Channel Manager, Hospitality, Hozbe

There is no introduction required for the in the industry. But, for those hailed from domains other than , Channel Manager is an automated system which distribute Inventory and Prices of accommodation providers to multiple Channels viz. Booking.com, Expedia and Make My Trip etc.

This intelligent system will enable accommodation providers to lead hassle free operations and focus more on customers than the distribution and worries caused by overbooking. With the advancement in the technologies, Channel Managers are not just plain old distribution platforms now, rather they handle complex logic behind the screens to empower accommodation providers to control the way the inventory being distributed to different channels and the way the prices are being varied based on demand of the market, seasons, events and lot of other conditions, which we will further discuss in upcoming blogs.